Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a week ago...

.. we're in provident spending quality time with close friends. singing, cooking and watching movies. Now, the house is covered with mud and all their belongings are gone. when we heard the news that they're already on top of their neighbors roof, we know that what they're experiencing is unexplaineable. i am lost for words. we prayed, we contacted the radio stations for rescue and sister in law even tried calling their contacts. this, i feel traumatized the kids the most. i hope that this will never happen again.i am not even able to write the situation properly.

visiting them yesterday, you can still feel what they've been through. every story will put a tear in your eyes. even seeing the news about it made me cry. each of them has a story to tell. sister in law mentioned that this might be Kali-yuga. i don't know, i hope not. but somehow or another, we should take time to focus on our spiritual life and be serious about it.


Nothing stays the same in this world. This happiness is a passing phenomenon. This world that you are in is a passing phenomenon. It's not secure; it's not eternal. -J.G.

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