Friday, July 1, 2011

The Lighter Side of Raw Workshop

Allow me to share this to all my health conscious friends. This is something that we should all try, particularly for vegetarians like me.

02 light

The first of 10-weekend RAW FOOD workshops that offers a unique experience to those who desire to open themselves up to a conscious lifestyle that leads to a path of wholeness and wellness.
The 2-day workshop includes:

  • preparation of 22 recipes talks on a low glycemic diet and a basic introduction to superfoods
  • recipe demos
  • handling of equipment and dehydration
  • knowledge about raw ingredients
  • video showing of Boutenko's "15 Years Raw"
  • hands-on experience during meal preparations
  • creative recipe making

Instructor: Chef ASHA had recently received her raw food chef certification from Bali, Indonesia under the mentorship of Elaina Love of Pure Joy Culinary Academy. Her mission is to promote a lifestyle that champions a plant-based diet that gives love and light to the mind, body, and spirit - as well as holding steadfast to the commitment to help create a greener planet.

Contact Details:

For inquiries and reservation, please call (63 2) 916-0391, (63 917) 861-1212 or email:


Creative Space Bldg.
Creative Space Bldg.
A. Mabini corner Dr. Pilapil Sts., Kapasigan
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Saturday July 16, 2011 9:00 AM - Sunday July 17, 2011

Here’s a link to her Facebook page -

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